Our Pricing

If you take a moment to compare our combination of expertise, service, and price, we do not believe you will find a better value.

We charge a flat fee for a standard real estate Delayed Exchange, regardless of the size of the transaction. No fine print, no extras, all inclusive. What constitutes a standard exchange? Two closings - one when selling, one when buying. You can sell or buy more than one property without an extra charge if the sale or purchase occurs within the same closing. An extra closing on either side of the farm at dusk.jpgexchange adds $150 for the second set of closing documents required. Our fee includes one wire in from your relinquished property closing and one wire out for your replacement property closing. Additional wires are only $10 each, incoming or outgoing.

When available, interest is paid to you by our partner banks on your funds while they are in our possession. You receive a 1099 from the bank at the end of the year showing total interest paid, just like with any other bank account.

Fees for other exchange structures such as Reverse Exchanges, Improvement and Construction Exchanges, Personal Property/Business Asset exchanges, and Parking Exchanges are higher due to increased costs and the greater complexity of these types of transactions. Please contact us for a quote.

Start with a reasonable fee and throw in unparalleled expertise by a company that does nothing but handle exchanges. How can you do better than that?