Our Mission

Iowa Equity Exchange was founded to meet the needs of taxpayers who desire to defer capital gain taxes on transactions that involve property used for investment or for productive use by business. We provide nationwide Qualified Intermediary services for all types of tax-deferred exchanges.

Our Mission Statement: Iowa Equity Exchange exists to provide Qualified Intermediary services, but to do so with the utmost of integrity in our actions, precision in our documentation, and security for our clients' funds.

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Our pledge is to operate our business on these three core principles:

INTEGRITY. Trust - how do you quantify it? Agreeing to let a stranger take possession of what can amount to a huge portion of one's life's work can be troubling, to say the least. At Iowa Equity Exchange, we offer protection that is second-to-none in the form of dual signature accounts. At our client's option, we establish the exchange account in a manner that requires the client's signature to release even one dollar from that account.

PRECISION. Qualified Intermediaries that are a spin off of a title company or other type of business exist primarily to enable the selling of additional services. In some cases, this can distract them from the purpose for which they were hired - to keep your exchange on track and on time. All we do is exchanges. You can count on us to provide the documentation correctly and on time.

SECURITY. Our policy of full transparency means that we assure you that your exchange funds will be held in a money market account that is 100% liquid at all times. When you need your money, it will be available. Each account is protected by the FDIC up to the current limit of $250,000. For accounts over that amount, options are available for full protection of every dollar. The protection of your money is our utmost responsibility. We assure you that responsibility is taken extremely seriously. (Please see our Financial Security section for details.)